Gals, 27 September 2019


Unitechnologies SA, a company based in Gals in the canton of Bern and a specialist in microdispensing and selective soldering (mta®) as well as high-precision assembly machinery for microengineering parts (Sysmelec®), is realigning its global strategy to focus on further developing its mta® activities. Sysmelec® is sold to IMA Medtech Switzerland SA (La Chaux-de-Fonds).

Unitechnologies SA is pleased to announce that, following several months of negotiations, it has signed an agreement under which IMA Medtech Switzerland SA is to acquire Unitechnologies SA’s Sysmelec® business unit.

This deal will take effect in 2020 and will strengthen IMA Medtech Switzerland SA ’s influence in the field of high-precision assembly machinery. Sysmelec® activities will remain on the Gals site.

Unitechnologies SA is delighted by the potential for development that this acquisition by a major international group offers its Sysmelec® activities, its staff and its longstanding customers, who will continue to receive the best possible service.

This deal will allow Unitechnologies SA to focus on its strategic challenges and the anticipated growth in its mta® activities.

For more information, please contact Alessandro Sibilia, CEO, Unitechnologies SA.