High precision solutions

High precision sensors require high precision machines.

The field of sensors is one of the traditional activities of Unitechnologies. In this domain, all sysmelec® services and products are well represented such as consulting, feasibility studies and prototype realization as well as production of assembly, handling, measure and test machines.

The miniaturization of components requires innovative solutions in order to connect the sensor technologies to the external interfaces such as connectors, wires and PCB. Unitechnologies has developed mta® soldering techniques perfectly adapted to these requirements. Laser soldering is a very commonly used solution thanks to its precision, its speed and its big advantage of being contact less with the parts to be soldered. On the other hand, iron soldering has the advantage of bringing a certain compliance to the soldering applications of electrical conductors.

The mta® volumetric dispensing is a key technique in the production of sensors. It allows to precisely dispense mono or two-component products such as sealing beads or part overmoulding. Unitechnologies has a wide experience in dispensing several types of products according to the specific requirements. The mta® dispensers are assembled in production equipment allowing to reach a very high production output.

The sylas® laser applications are well represented in the sensor industry, especially with several cases of laser welding such as realization of beads or welding by points. Very often, components with complex geometries within a work volume of 1 dm³ are processed with this technology.