Broad competences in complex processes

The combination of different technologies in the same sub-assemblies – CMS and conventional components, electronic and mechanical components, PCB FR4 and flexible – does not allow the use of conventional soldering methods . The mta® point to point soldering technique allows to overcome these inconveniences and to realize the connections, thus avoiding the intervention of operators.

The mta® dispensing techniques allow to dispense two-component products in a selective manner. This is particularly well adapted for conformal coating. The dispensing of impregnation or overmoulding products is also proposed in order to protect or rigidify electromechanical assemblies.

The welding of electronic contacts by the sylas® laser is the perfect method when the process must be very clean and very fast, and when the tooling must be reduced to the maximum. The laser remains the ideal solution when the layout is dense, complex and with a reduced accessibility.