Unitechnologies SA is a company active in the high technology domain of precision automation and has 50 years of experience. Thanks to our highly qualified professionals, we develop and realize production machines at the cutting edge of technology.

Custom machines

Custom machines, mainly intended for the automated assembly of microtechnical products that are demanding in terms of precision and integrated processes.

Selective soldering

Automated selective point to point soldering processes using iron, laser, induction or micro-flame technologies, based on standard platforms.

Volumetric dispensing

Automated high-precision volumetric dispensing processes for micro-volumes of mono or two-component fluids down to 0.1mm³, based on standard platforms.

Surgical sutures

Flexible automated standard machines for the cutting, assembling, crimping and winding of surgical sutures into customer’s specific packaging.

Laser systems

Industrial platforms dedicated to the process automation of 3D laser surface processing, such as selective polishing and micro-structuring, as well as other laser applications such as micro-welding.