Volumetric dispensing

High precision volumetric dispensing

With the high precision mta® volumetric dispensers, the highest requirements of the fluid dispensing industry can be reached. They enable a perfect repeatability of micro-volumes to be dispensed starting with 0.1 mm³.

The pumps maintain their precision in even the most restrictive circumstances; independent of variations in temperature, viscosity and the quality of the material to be dispensed. The operating principal of the mta® dispensers is based on ceramic piston/cylinder pumps.

Furthermore, the mta® dynamic mixing chambers provide dispensing of two-component materials in a very wide range of ratios on the market.

Continuous volumetric dispensing

The mta®  mixing chambers also allows the continuous dispensing of material. The basic principle of several pumps in series working synchronously provides the dispensing of a highly precise line, limitless in length. Thanks to the use of ceramic pumps, this system is suitable for applications in various domains.

The proposed solution is unbeatable in terms of precision. It is highly recommended when the use of inert materials for the pumps is required; e.g. in the pharmaceutical or medical fields.

The equipment is expandable and used with mono or two-component products.

Pump working principle

The basic working principles of the piston/cylinder pump combines a linear movement to define the quantity of material to be dispensed (see 2 and 4 in the picture) and a rotating movement (see 3) to transfer the material from the pump input to its output.

The accurate pump assembly can be divided into different leak rates in order to be perfectly adapted to different types of material characteristics. This solution is highly precise and always volumetric.

Picture legends: 1. Home position; 2. Filling stroke; 3. Rotation; 4. Dispensing stroke and snuff back.